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What strategy will
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Maincard is bringing the fantasy management in sports on the new level. Choose your favorite teams, buy NFTs, upgrade them through correct predictions, and earn MATIC on a weekly basis, competing with fans
around the Globe.

about us about

Who we are?

“Main card - the most prestigious matches of the fight event”. Maincard is dedicated to creating the most interactive experience and turning spectators into participants of sporting events. Through a unique gamified journey, we educate players on what crypto, NFT, and gambling are. GenZ, collectors, sports fans – we welcome everyone to join the exciting world of Maincard.

How itworks

Oh…of course…collect, exchange, sell, have fun!

We are creating new mechanics using blockchain technology to apply to the gambling industry and democratize betting in MMA to provide an additional source of income for fans of the sport.




Make your predictions of
the results of sports matches

Predictions are placed using the in-game currency Maincards. The size of the bet affects the size of a cash reward and the place of the player in weekly rankings. Every week the most successful managers win cash prizes and unique Maincards.

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Play Against OTHER Players

Each player can play against other players of the platform. Collectors
will be thrilled to have a unique card to add to their collection
especially if this their competitor’s Maincard

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Improve and sell cards

The marketplace is designed to buy new Maincards as well as Maincards put up for sale by other players. Players can pursue two strategies: upgrade new cards through correct predictions and profitably sell to those who lack a winning streak, or buy cards with history from the auction in pursuit of a mythic Maincard.

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Start fundraising campaigns to see the most exciting matches

Players who have reached the Legendary level of a Maincard, can offer the community any potential match they want: whether it is Mr. Beast VS Jake Paul in League of Legends or Manchester United VS Los Angeles Galaxy in Soccer. Once the community supported the idea, we coordinate all the details and launch fundraising campaign
using Maincards. Let’s make your dream match a reality.

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Maincards as in-game currency
(NFT standard)

To convert a Maincard to a new level, you have to reach a certain winning streak.
Two Maincards of the same level and win streak are merged into the
Maincard of the next level. You might get to your goal faster if:
a) buy a mystery box with a 2% probability of getting
a next-level Maincard
b) purchase a Maincard with a win streak from
the auction and merge it immediately.

Mystery box

Fast lane to the new level

A Mystery box with a probability of 98% will give you a Maincard of the
type to which this box belongs. You have a 2% chance
to drop a
Maincard of the next rarity level.
A secret box is two percent
more expensive than a card of the same level.

box 1
box 2
box 3
box 4

Play-to-Earn features & benefits

Every week/month the most efficient managers (players with the biggest earnings) are rewarded with cash prizes
(up to $3000 in crypto currency) and unique Maincards (Legedary, Epic,
Mythic). Stay active, upgrade your
Maincards, and win both money
and collectibles.


Join our waitlist

Early adopters will become the members of
Maincard and be able to participate in
the development of the platform,
airdrops, and testnets
with related prizes


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