Date: May 2023
version: v1.1
Maincard is providing smooth UX to participate in Sport events and EARN BY PLAYING
Maincard is a fantasy management platform to educate the new generation of players on what smart contracts, NFT, and Crypto are in the most fun, engaging, and safe way. The project is developing in the areas of E-sports, NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL, MMA, MLB, Soccer, college sports, etc.
We are creating new mechanics using blockchain technology for application in the sports event industry to provide an additional source of income for sports fans.
Every Maincard is unique. It consists of 9 layers or attributes, which are randomly combined at the moment of card’s minting. So, you can be sure, that no one has the same Maincard as you do!
How it works
Sing up
Easy registration will require you only your email and after connecting your wallet. Once you sign up - you'll got a free NFT card
Win Battles & Calls
Take part in duets with other players in calls mode and win other players' cards. These cards can raise you higher in the
Play in Tournaments
Maincard has special ratings that take into account the results of players. Choose leagues according to the level of your cards and win prizes.
Sell cards at Auction
The more you guess, the stronger your cards become. Guess the results, sell your cards to other players, and get real cash rewards.
Merge cards
When more than two cards reach their maximum Winstreak, you can merge them into one higher rarity card and earn more
Get a free card
Sign in
Connect your wallet and get a gift Maincard NFT cards
Simple registration.
All you need is an email.
Just choose any sports event and try to guess the result
Start to predict
Getting Started
System overview
Sign up
Users purchase Maincards as in-game currency and try to guess the highest number of sporting event outcomes during a week, earning score points, MainCoins, for every correct prediction. The amount of score points depend on the rarity of the Maincard used. Maincards are liquid since they might be bought and sold at any time on Marketplace. One MainCoin equals to one MATIC when purchasing the Maincard.
Maincard Cost and Rewards Table
Lives mean the number of wrong predictions that could be made with Maincard. After that Maincard stops bringing any MainCoins and has to be repaired.
Player economy
Each Maincard can have up to 2 lives for Common, and to 10 lives for Mythic etc. In case of the incorrect prediction, the life of the card is taken away. When a card is repaired, all lives are restored. The higher the level of the Maincard, the more lives and rewards it has. For example, Common has up to 2 lives and Mythic has up to 10 lives. Rewards and the cost of repair is calculated either in MainCoins, or in MATIC.