After passing a short registration process, you will enter the Maincard’s main page.
Maincard Rules
5 Next comes a side menu with you NFT cards
3 In the central part you can see the poster of upcoming events
2 In the left menu you can choose your favorite sport. We are constantly adding new
4 The upper right corner will reflect the balance of your account in game currency and MATIC, as well as contain general information about your profile.
1 In the top menu you can find the main sections of Main card
Choose the sports you are most familiar with and predict the winners using Maincards of various levels.

The higher the rarity level of the card, the more tokens (Maincoins) it will bring in case of victory. If your choice turns out to be wrong, don't worry, Maincard is easy to fix using Maincoins or MATIC.

You can find information about the number of winning Maincoins, the number of lives of each Mancard, and the cost of repairs

This section allows you to keep track of where you are among all the players, and also reports the main statistics of the project's players.

Try to get into the TOP-3 and get additional rewards.

This section allows you to buy new Maincards, auction your cards, and purchase additional perks.

Mystery Boxes give you a chance to get the next level card at a very good price.

How to make fantasy bets
When you see an event, you want to bet on, you can either drag your Maincard to the Side you think will win, or click on the event to see the statistics first.

You can bet an unlimited number of cards for one event by dragging them to the playing field.

In order to increase the level of your card, you must reach the corresponding winstreak and merge two cards of a lower level. Maps that are ready to merge will be highlighted for your convenience.

Read more about the required conditions for upgrading cards -
How to
merge cards
After an incorrect prediction Maincards are staying inactive for some time. If you want to immediately start playing with them, just use Unfreeze

The number of Unfreezes needed is different depending on the Maincard rarity.

You will also be given all the information in pop-up windows.
Project token, which is obtained by winning the game and will be used for all actions within the game (buying, repairing, and upgrading the NFT, paying for tickets to participate in tournaments and join guilds, etc.).

Maincoin will be listed on the crypto exchange in the third quarter of this year and can be sold/exchanged according to market quotes. By performing any action in the game, you support the value of the Maincoin (MCN).

Maincoins, spent by players, are burned on an ongoing basis, balancing supply and demand. We are constantly developing relations with streaming platforms, ticketing marketplaces, etc. to provide as many ways to spend MCN as possible.

Stay tuned and be active to receive as many MCN as you can.

This is the main game mechanic of the project, which will allow the most effective managers to win project tokens and other valuable prizes. Every week, tournaments will be launched on the platform, divided according to the rarity of the player's cards.

Depending on the conditions of the tournament, players will choose 2, 4 or 6 cards from their wallet and register for the tournament. If you do not have enough cards to participate in the first tournament, we will automatically replenish your wallet with the required number of cards.

After the start of the tournament, players will have to earn the maximum amount of Maincoins with the cards that were selected to participate in the tournament. TOP-3 players at the end of the week will share the tournament bank, made up of the value of all players' contributions.

The size of the pot will depend on the number of players and the rarity of the tournament. More information will be posted

Having reached the Epic level, each player will be able to create their own guild.

Unite the strongest players under your command, form governing bodies, choose winning tactics and win tokens and cards of opponents in team tournaments.

in development, launching July 2023