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Maincard has many sports events and the number of them is constantly growing.
If you correctly guess the result of a sporting event, you get an MCN token and your card earns experience and can become more powerful in the future.
If you don't guess the outcome of an event, the card loses one of its lives, but you can continue playing. Card lives can be restored for MCN.

Choose leagues according to the level of your cards. Participate in weekly tournaments and win prizes. The higher you place in the tournament, the better reward you will receive.
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MCN is an in-game token that a player receives for a correct prediction. MCN can be used for various in-game purchases. In the near future, the token will be listed and will have a real value and can be exchanged for real money. In addition, in 2024 we plan to launch the Maincard ecosystem, where MCN will be used to buy goods for sports fans (tickets, subscriptions, jerseys etc.).
Maincard is based on innovative blockchain technology, which provides the benefits of incredible transparency, reliability and security. Through decentralization, every transaction and action in the game is protected from manipulation, providing an unmatched level of trust and security for our players.
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Why maincard ?
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Community of sport fans
Join our dynamic global community of sports fans from 125+ countries! Maincard connects like-minded individuals worldwide, fostering friendships and discussions in multiple languages. Our community thrives with diverse conversations, creating an inclusive space for forging friendships across borders. Come be a part of our thriving community!
Entertainment &
Maincard caters to a wide range of sports enthusiasts, providing diverse prediction options across various sports and esports. Engage in traditional predictions in the Battles mode or compete in intense tournaments where multiple players vie for prizes reaching up to $3,000. There's something for everyone, with fierce competition and irresistible rewards in every mode.

Mainnet launch TON
June 24
MCN Token (TON) listing
June 24
Q3-Q4 2024
Q4 2024
Platform redesign
July 2024
Remint of playing cards
May 24
Users tournaments
Q3 2024
Q1-Q2 2025
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